Mining Cluster

Mining Cluster is one of the leadership and management service providing portfolio under MIDROC Investment Group, The Cluster aligning with the vision and missions of MIG is working unfolding to manifest continuous improvement that intends to excel the contemporary commercialism through deploying morally responsible but extraneous business management system within and beyond the companies under the cluster.

The following 4 companies are grouped under the Mining Cluster. They are:-


1. MIDROC Gold Mine PLC

Engaged in extraction and processing of high quality gold through its open and underground pits at Legedenbi and Sakaro extraction sites; and a modern processing plant situated nearby to those extraction sites.

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2. National Mining Corporation PLC,

Engaged in extraction, processing and marketing of precious dimension stones such as marble and granite. The company extracts dimension stones from its own quarry sites located at Dalleti, Oromia region and Mankush, Benshangul-Gumuz region; and processes through its own factories situated at Addis Ababa and Awash 7 kilo, Afar region.

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3. MIDROC Geo and Exploration Service PLC

Engaged in exploration, surveying and consultancy of precious minerals towards extraction, construction and drilling throughout the nation.


4. Gubalafto Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC

Engaged in provision of diverse technological and construction services like architectural and civil engineering design, construction supervision, contract administration, and contract construction services; electro-mechanical design, installation, and maintenance support services; and computer network design and installation, IT Consultancy, software design and development, website design, development & hosting, cash register (sales point), computer & other office machine maintenance support, and special services such as CCTV camera design & installation, and Data centre services.

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List of Companies Under Midroc Investment Group

About MIDROC Investment Group

Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi is owner and chairman of the leadership of MIDROC Ethiopia Group Companies.

As indicated above, these 80 companies of Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi are currently re-grouped in 4 huge groups of Companies and led by 4 chief executive officers (CEOs). The four chief executive officers (CEOs) report to Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi, owner and chairman of MIDROC Ethiopia Group Companies.

Thus, “MIDROC Investment Group” is one of the 4 groups. MIDROC Investment Group alone has incorporated about 35 companies. Ato Jemal Ahmed is the chief executive officer (CEO) who is leading MIDROC Investment Group since May 2020.

There are 4 clusters under MIDROC Investment Group led by Deputy CEOs. These clusters are:-

  • Manufacturing Cluster: which is led by Ato Akalewold Admassu,
  • Commerce Cluster: which is led by Bekele Bulado (Ph.D),
  • Mining Cluster: which is led by Ato Dulla Mekonen,
  • Agriculture and Agro-Processing Cluster: which is led by Ato Esayas Kebede,


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