Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi’s Investment in Ethiopia

Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi appeared in the economic scene of his motherland, Ethiopia, at a time when the country was in an exuberant need of support. He did not wait for the creation of an “enabling environment” which all private foreign investors expect to prevail in any country before moving in. He had to respond to the call of his Motherland – Ethiopia as immediately as the circumstances then demanded.
He decided to contribute to the revitalization and development effort through investing capital in various sectors of the country’s economy. His investments, which have significant contributions to the foreign direct investments (FDI) in Ethiopia, have started to bear fruits. All his investment decisions are reflections of his resolute commitment to the development of the economy and the well-being of Ethiopia and its people.

About MIDROC Investment Group

Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi is owner and chairman of the leadership of MIDROC Ethiopia Group Companies.
As indicated above, these 80 companies of Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi are currently re-grouped in 4 huge groups of Companies and led by 4 chief executive officers (CEOs). The four chief executive officers (CEOs) report to Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi, owner and chairman of MIDROC Ethiopia Group Companies.
Thus, “MIDROC Investment Group” is one of the 4 groups. MIDROC Investment Group alone has incorporated about 35 companies. Ato Jemal Ahmed is the chief executive officer (CEO) who is leading MIDROC Investment Group since May 2020.

Clusters under Midroc Investment Group

Manufacturing Cluster

15 companies are grouped under the Manufacturing Cluster. 

Midroc Gold

Mining Cluster

There are 4 companies organized under this cluster .

Agriculture & Agro Processing

12 companies are grouped under the Agriculture and Agro-processing Cluster.

Midroc Commerce Cluster

Commerce Cluste

4 companies are grouped under the Commerce Cluster.

“Ethiopia means so much to me that even my friends wonder about my investment decisions in the country. When I invest in Ethiopia, my decisions to invest are based on what I feel in my heart for my motherland. All my other investment decisions in the rest of the world are based on calculated risks and benefits.
… Ethiopia is our soul and the essence of our existence. We should not expect others to transform our motherland into a developed and a prosperous country. It is our national duty and solemn responsibility, to fully commit ourselves to develop Ethiopia and free our countrymen from the shackles of abject poverty and under-development.”

Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi , Chairman Midroc Investment Group

List of Companies Under Midroc Investment Group